The first date with Love Potion #Oriflame

A short story –

At times I think of drowning myself in serenity. To feel utterly feminine & to indulge in romance the best I can. Yes it my date the first one though. I am a teen and so I want every bit of me to be flushing with love. I am not conscious of my shortcomings. I am beautiful & that’s what I want to be at the moment.

A red lipstick, short black lace dress & my Love Potion. It is a secret to an irresistible me. Yes it is.

The Love Potion by Oriflame  (@Rs699 for 250gms)

The cutest round bottle of scented lotion contains the seductive oriental scent with ginger, cocoa blossom and chocolate. Setting the mood for all the sensual awakening he would need when he is closer. No don’t look for anything else but love. It will spread all over your body smoothly. Making it fragrantly supple. Even if you’re at a party before the plan, do not worry. Love Potion will completely excite pure passion making

DO NOT IGNORE these Make Up Essentials for #Summers

Hey all,

Here I bring a quick check list for your summer make up essentials which are usually ignored.Do not forget to carry all the time with you. Not just for your day outs or shopping sessions but these are saviors for night time fun!

1. Cheek & Body Shimmer in pastel colors – 

Illumination is the age right now. Do not hitch to experiment with light pastel shimmer on cheek bones, shoulders & collar bones! At night, use these as a highlighter on your front thighs as well. They look amazingly gorgeous with short dresses & hot pants.

**Check out the review & usage for my favorite bronzer here.

2. Pinks, peach or nude glosses, matte or satin lip colors – 

Yes we know the nudes are “in” but we cant igno


Hey all,

Hope you guys are doing good in these quenching summers? Not so? well residing in an arid area isn’t too easy for me as well. I too have to put on make up, dress up formally & try look the best each day to my studio along with shoots for blogs and yes not to forget the never ending meeting schedules.

Lately I had been travelling a lot & also I tend to go out for my meetings in cafe’s or eat out places other than my office. As a result my skin & hair are totally damaged. Oiling hair doesn’t really help when you’re staying in regions which are extreme in climate. Its HOT & we cannot ignore the heat. You cant get away putting hair oil and massages overnight treatments etc. Why? because its HOT. !! HELP!!!

Finally I tried finding a solution for my hair fall & damage. Came across few Indian companies which manufactures authentic herbal & ayurvedic products.

What I needed  –


Contd – Major Ventures Of Shrujan with Ami Shroff

Hi All,

Continuing with more information in LLDC & Craft Museum, an initiative of a kind by Shrujan.

From Ami Shroff (Director).

The genesis of Living and Learning Design Center (LLDC)

LLDC building

LLDC building


The Art Capital of Gujarat – PART2 – SHRUJAN – Insight with Ami Shroff

Hey all,

I am here with an insight from the srt capital of India GUJARAT. here with a very special personal interview with AMY SHROFF the director of SHRUJAN. An initiative embracing the rare crafts & their craftsmen. Nurturing them with love & the undying spirit to keep the crafts alive in India. Giving them an international platform & recognition for their hard work.  To spread awareness about the legacy India has been blessed with since ages now.

Lets start the brand story of SHRUJAN with Ami Shroff  –

Ami Shroff - Director - Shrujan (Daughter of Chandaben )

Ami S

One’s Friend #ThinkFrill – The Monthly Pamper Box

Hello all,

Here I bring to you the monthly pampering for each of you out there. Girls, ladies & women. Think frill is one of a kind initiative from two adorable entrepreneurs from Jodhpur. Breaking the taboo for the girls in their menstrual days or periods, these young men are trying to bring all the pampering a girl needs in those lazy & painful days. To make it it happier & cheerful with more surprises each month, the THINKFRILL box is designed after a lot of research. Including the best brands for skin care, beauty & sweet treats & pairing up with the right sanitation products, hygiene portables & much more than you can expect.

Here are all the three boxes and their review for you to choose the best one for you.

All the boxes have these products apart from the La Coffer which is your chosen supply of sanitary goods from the website according to your flow.

<a href="


Hello all,

Here is my much awaited review for PLUM goodness products for summers. I have a KOHL pencil & Grape seed & Sea Buckthorn Scrub.

You can choose for  the combo with other products as well form their website which is extremely user friendly & easy to navigate. (Check here –

NaturStudio All day long PLUM KOHL Pencil (@425 /1.2gms)

Totally loved the creamy texture & glide on pencil. I avoid KOHL pencils majorly because I do not want to look for a sharpener every time I am travelling or at office or before important meetings. Even for PLUM Kohl it was the same.

I gave it a try still & to my surprise this product totally was a hit for me. It glides on perfectly well. Stayed for more than some 13 hours without smudge & did came off with a mild

After Work Party? These are your savior to gorgeous look #Make Up Revolution

Hey all,

Today I bring to you a super quick & easy look for your corporate after work parties. Cocktails, music yet work. Managing it all together with this look and a few tips can help you rock the party even after a long day at work.

IMG_0005 copy

The Dress –

– Choose a dress which complements your skin tone. For after parties, we suggest either maroons, reds or blacks (including greys, navy, mauve etc) which are on the warmer tones or quirky corals & bold blues.

– Be formal in approach after all its a corporate party. Exposing too much skin with high up slits & too short a skirt is a no-no. Cleavage show is prohibited!

Royal’s Beauty Secret Unvieled – WIKKA #Brand New Story

Hey all,

Here I am with a fresh new BRAND STORY with a beautiful concept.

Introducing, Rupal Shabnam Tyagi, an entrepreneur with a vision of taking us back to our roots & closer to nature. She believes in sustainability & so launched some very simple yet luxurious concoctions for a healthy lifestyle.

The Story of Wikka –

Being married into a family of royal lineage, Rupal was exposed to a life of regal traditions and beauty secrets known only to blue blood. Beauty practices had changed little over the centuries in her household, where simple natural products were used in grooming and maintenance. Regular visits to their family owned Aromatic plantations and Mango Orchards stoked her interest in Aromatherapy leading her to become a qualified Aromatherapist from London.

It was after her deep interest into vivacious aroma plants that she proposed to launch Wikka. The idea was to bring

Life Is Good #Palmer’s Cocoa Butter & Lotion

Hey all,

Adding to my previous pots on Life Is Good #Palmer’s, here is another exciting products & my reviews from the skin care range.

Cocoa Butter Jar (100gms @425Rs)

All the goodness in a jar. Truly pure cocoa butter formula enriched with Vitamin E. This is a multi purpose product too. I tried this product little differently though for the first when I did use it

DIY – Hair Oil Mix for reviving the hair quality & growth.

Used it as Pre Poo. Heated a tea spoon of it & mixed with coconut oil & camphor (small bits) /peppermint (solid) – it removes dandruff & itchy scalp & gives a cooling effect for summers. I usually dye /color my hair once in every three months & also I get hair treatments which includes exposure to harsh chemicals. This mix helps me retain good quality hair & also helps the scalp keep away from dryness & itch. This also prevents dandruff, fizz & damaged hair. You can als

LE TV / Le1s – Review for Working Professionals

Hey all,

Here I am with my experience with Le 1s from LETV priced at 10,999 (India). Just like another Chinese brands trying their hands in Indian market, LETV also has launched but with style. they have launched the LE series with great looks & functionality.

IMG_9925 copy

Processor & features  –

– All metal body with sleek design & glass finish.

– ANDROID 5.0 Lollipop. Will extended EUI for customizable features.

– TYPE C USB for super-fast charging.

– 13 MP Rear camera.

– Battery life – 13 hours with mult