Coffee Addict

This article might not relate to my work directly still I am writing for the one major element of my working schedule. Coffee. While going through the blogs recently on Human touch of Chemistry website & getting to know a lot about what I am consuming everyday. My cousin & I spend a  major share of our salary on Coffee shops. I always feel relaxed & happy after a cup of cappuccino. I do not mix any flavors into it. It is sweet, strong & full of life.

Also, the vicinity & ambiance of the cafe plays an important role in turning us into a calm personality.Muted TV, people & surround music around in the cafe. It is adorable to actually see couples thriving for a private get away after or in between work. Young boys trying to impress their school girls buying them coffee + sandwich + pastry. Yes also checking out the corporate guys, paying all their attention to his work.

In thirst for good coffee houses, the best of cafes I found were – Kulsum’s Cafe at Haus Khas village in Delhi. Its free with great ambiance & you can use the internet at a minimal fee. you can pay if you want to, I love to spend time there & have coffee with hand-made very different flavor cookies which are free too. you can see many travelers, readers & artists.

Second favorite is CCD for very obvious reason that you can find one corner CCD after every kilometer in Bangalore, which has been my recent resident. the half mooned cane chairs with red seats are comfortable & spacious. Recently I also found the new magazine JUICE from was kept at each table top for all to look at with their regular reading supplement. It was great to grab a copy from them for free. I got three consecutive issues!! yay! Amazing fact here which most of us are unaware of is that CCD is the outcome of Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Limited(ABCTL) was formed.Started by V. G. Siddhartha in Brigade Road, Bangalore, 1996.1497 company owned outlets in 200 cities.

Staying in Bangalore also gives me an opportunity to taste the local & finest form of coffee, the filer coffee. Calamine Coffee at Meenakshi mall on Bannergatta road in Bangalore gives the best blend of rich coffee with little sugar & milk. At the roadside, you can also find the local dosa catering shops which see the filter coffee at just Rs 10/-. These are the best in taste, refreshing & energizing. Tasting the dosa you can rely on this cup of energy to calm your mid day hunger.

Keeping my budget for coffee in mind I can still at times go to Costa Coffee. The services here are quick & they always ask for your feedback which I found is the best part.I have coffee 2 – 3 times daily as I need to get going all the time.Also, I do have a lot many friends who are Coffee Addict & do not shrink their nose before getting into a coffee affair even at midnight or in between a long drive.

Not only the youngsters who stay away in different cities then their hometown but also the 30+ croud goes to coffee shops to impress their relatives. Yes I have seen the cases too. To prove to be a part of the coffee trend they go to coffee shops & cafes. Even to impress the clients most of the offline meetings for people selling insurance go to coffee shops.

Is this the caffeine or the we are getting trendy magnet which attract the people to be the pay-pals in emerging coffee business? I think its the space each one gets there for themselves. Coffee has been in India since 1670 & since then I believe its the next most popular beverage after the masala tea for Indians.

One of the unbelievable facts about coffee is that it originated in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. It was founded by Baba Budan in 17th century. He brought seven coffee beans from Yemen with him after tasting a new strange beverage made from those beans. Today the best of coffee beans comes from Chikmagalur. Indian grown coffee has made out its way to popularity in Europe because it is less acidic & sweetness of character widely used in Expresso.

Well I think its the aroma of a coffee bean which makes the difference in our mood & body after drinking coffee. After all it consists of over 800 aromatic components!

Strange is the fact for all coffee lovers out there is the reason of liking & loving it so much. Everyday, all day! Again & again, black or milky, light or strong, kuch bhi chalega yaar!

I admit to the same. I am a coffee lover after all.

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