RULES For “2015” – #1

Hello all,

Many people are asking me on my social accounts to share the trends for 2015! Well, I do tell them that i am a fashion forecaster but in a different way!!lol

Okay here are the trend rules for this upcoming amazing year ahead.


Goodbye to pale & white!


Sharing this lil’ eye candy video by Vogue featuring my all time style icon ” Lisa Haydon “.

This is a sensuous video yet done gracefully by models with crafted bodies.

I would have liked it even more if the cast was not so superficial ( bodies ) but natural and athletic like the actual people in the bronze age.

Intensive accessorizing spiced it up. Bronze or tan skin is the new trend this summer. Is the fair likely to take back seat this year? okay then goodbye to white and pale and welcome fit, juicy , athletic , tanned and shimmery skin!!

Share what did you liked the most in the video here & we will be happy to publish them!


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