Color Cleanser #Holi Preps

Hi all,

Just in time for Holi, the color run festival from India. It gained more popularity recently in all major parts of the world. It is also considered to have a hippy trans attached to it as per the alcohol consumption & BHANG, a mild preparation of marijuana made from young leaves and stems of the Indian hemp plant, Cannabis sativa, drunk with milk or water as a fermented brew or smoked for its hallucinogenic effects.

Many of us have allergic skin or sensitive one & we would want to remove the colour immediately after celebration. However, its not that easy as these days harmful chemicals are used in Holi colour that stays on skin for many days.

Well I received a very colorful & organic gift best suited for sensitive skin like mine from APS Cosmetofoods. How about having a cleanser which can remove, make up , dirt & even Holi colors? Without ruining your skin & making it dry. Yes you heard me right!

This is with regards to the new range from COSMETOFOOD which is 100% organic skin care line which has textures like food e.g. pineapple soufflé, raspberry pulp, avocado pulp, tomato purée, mango smoothie, etc. Cosmetics that you can apply and which are safe enough to be eaten also. Like really!


DSC05489 copy

Well the revolutionary product is “ACTIVATED ORGANIC SPRING WATER” that removes makeup or Holi Colour and cleanses the skin, without the need for rinsing. When you apply the product on your face or skin, cleansing agents magnet to lift oil, dirt & makeup from face or skin.


DSC05488 copy

ACTIVATED ORGANIC SPRING WATER uses very gentle but effective cleansing agent.  There is no tingling or tightening effect, and its powerful enough to remove Eye Makeup, so there is no need for a separate makeup removal.


DSC05490 copy

Easy, spill free sprayer nozzle makes it a travel must in you bag.


I have tried it just before playing Holi with my family & will surely be using it after I am done with the colorful festival. I shall also share my review on the same in the Post Holi (recovery) skin range from APS.

Price – INR 540/- Now only at 486/-



Play safe, play dry & organic. Happy Holi !

Happy reading! :)




Photography – urkillerangel team

On My Nails – N Burgandy from Oriflame



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