From a fashion designer>>garment maker>>fashion researcher>>fashion & trends forecaster>>Finally a blogger on all of my friends request!

Fashion & lifestyle attracts a lot many people but very few can imagine the kind of hard work, creativity, research & thought process indulged in the same.

I believe in what Anna Wintor says” there is something about fashion which can make people very nervous”. She is my idol in this profession though she isn’t a fashion designer herself.

I thank Mr Torino (great designer from Spain), my mentor for design & everything in between from being an Economics student to an independent designer. He taught me to try out 1000 prints from one frame, he taught me little photography to research for my fashion forecast extracted from very tiny unusual things in vicinity.

And I thank my mother to grant me with all the creativity & passion I have for Art. She herself is a textile designer. She taught me to hold a pencil & draw for the first time.

I am not everything what was expected but I am not that bad i guess.



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